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Keys to successfully implementing Microsoft SharePoint

Implementing the SharePoint software is the easiest step. It’s the work that you do before the implementation that determines whether it’s successful. Assessing your requirements and determining what you need SharePoint to do for your company is what will make or break your implementation.

Start the process off with your Connect SharePoint consultant, who has the capability & expertise to do the business analysis with you. Then put together a sitemap, put together how it’s going to work, and leverage our best practice experience. Ask us what other companies are doing. Finally, once implemented, you must provide staff with training so they can manage it on an ongoing basis.

Here are the keys to a successful SharePoint implementation:

  • Carry out a business analysis and assess requirements
  • Determine the SharePoint service model that’s right for you
  • Train staff to use SharePoint
  • Maintain a relationship with your Connect SharePoint consultant for ongoing development