Custom Software & Web Applications
Built exclusively for your business.

At Connect, our proven software development process makes the most of the outstanding team and technology at our disposal. With a wealth of experience across a variety of industries, we create custom applications & software designed to address specific business needs.

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Content Management Expertise
Tried-and-true CMS Solutions

Sometimes choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) for a project makes all the difference. We have experience with a great many, but we’ve come to utilize a select few for their flexibility, security, and other key factors. These trusted, open-source CMS’s have the ability to run everything from the smallest systems to complex applications for large-scale operations.

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Enterprise Business Software
Scalable Efficiency & Security

When it comes to building robust business management systems, count on our team here at Connect to create scalable, secure solutions that keep your business moving forward. Our enterprise software solutions help you manage costs as you improve, maintain, or even transform the way your organization manages data and conducts its operations.

Connect the Enterprise solution that’s right for your business and its growth in the near future and beyond. Contact us today.

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E-Commerce Systems
Professional Design, Development & Integration

At Connect, we create e-commerce systems & websites that are second to none—visually, technically, and with an emphasis on flexibility. Our customized e-commerce solutions do more than create new sales channels. They streamline the entire sales process, syncing with business systems, driving profits, enhancing inventory management, and integrating seamlessly with accounting functions as well.

E-Commerce Demo

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Full Database Support & Integration
Take complete control of your data.

At Connect, our enterprise data integration and management solutions are designed to give you absolute control over your information assets. Access, integrate, manage, and secure your data to maximize efficiencies, minimize costs & risks, and enhance your competitive advantage.

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Search Engine Optimization
SEO complete with ROI.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others help users find the information they’re looking for in a truly global sea of data. At Connect, we employ a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and best practices designed to boost the organic ranking of our customers’ websites on an ongoing basis. If you want to be near the top of search results, connect with Connect.

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Responsive Website & Application Development
Optimizing the user experience across multiple platforms.

Websites & applications were originally developed exclusively for desktop computers. Today, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices complicate matters for consumers and developers alike. That’s why our team works tirelessly to ensure that our websites and applications work—and work correctly—across the widest variety of devices and platforms.

From conventional websites to e-commerce & inventory management, oil & gas production management and more, Connect has the experience and expertise to deliver reliable responsive solutions. Contact us today.

Amazon Web Services Expertise
Make the most of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful resource for cloud computing—from database storage to content delivery and even data processing. Our team has extensive experience integrating seamlessly with AWS—and all such work is managed by our Senior Full Stack Developer boasting a wealth of AWS and cloud computing expertise.

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Web Platforms for Business
Transparency. Security. Efficiency.

Connect’s proprietary web portal enables secure stakeholder access to critical documents & project information in vertical markets with opaque communication challenges. Our team leverages the latest technologies to ensure efficiency, elevate communication, improve project management, reduce costs & rework, and improve owner/investor relations through direct access and communication.

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Custom Application Development

With competencies in both mainstream and emerging technologies, Connect provides the skills and experience needed for custom software development.

Our proven custom software development procedure puts to the best use of people, process & technology. Our experience across industry domains is a source of stability, leveraging the best people, process, and technology to add value to your current processes and business needs.